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                                                   SAMSUNG Acquires JOYANT       

John Katsaros  FocusOnContainers

June 16, 2016

Acquisition potentially is a good idea for each party – Financial stability and scale for Joyent.  Access to more developers for SAMSUNG.

Surprisingly, the more you think about it the better it sounds.  Killing two birds in one shot – JOYENT needed help to gain adoption for its dev tools and Samsung of course realizing that its future will be in software, needs to supercharge its developer relations.  So it makes sense for SAMSUNG to take a software step beyond Android.  By improving developer dynamics –  improving developer productivity so that more steps in the dev cycle can be automated –  Joyent can – which gives SAMSUNG greater influence in this space.  And, of course, JOYENT gains credibility and long term stability – which is important toward winning over software developers.  Each side can gain a platform to keep on expanding its products and something that might grow their developer relations.  After all, SAMSUNG’s fate ultimately is tied to software developers so why not? 

In the short turn, this puts SAMSUNG in the middle of the evolution of a new generation of dev and ops tools.  Looking out a year or two from today, if JOYENT strengthens its developer ecosystem in turn giving SAMSUNG access to more developers, then this will validate this acquisition.


Samsung becomes an anchor tenant for Joyent’s industry leading Triton containers-as-a-service platform and Manta object storage technology, and a partner for innovation in the emerging and fast growing areas of mobile and IoT.

Since its inception, just over ten years ago, Joyent has lived on the leading edge of technical innovation.  The Joyent team pioneered public cloud computing (and hybrid cloud), nurtured and grew Node.js into a de facto standard for web, mobile and IoT architectures, and was among the first to embrace and industrialize containers, compute-centric object storage, and what is now coming to be known as serverless computing.  Based upon this foundation, and our industry leading products and services, including Triton, Joyent’s containers as a service solution, and Manta, our robust and scalable object storage solution, Joyent is now poised to deliver ten more years of innovation and to continue to be a leader in the evolution of cloud computing.

But, until today, we lacked one thing.  We lacked the scale required to compete effectively in the large, rapidly growing and fiercely competitive cloud computing market.  Now, that changes.  We are happy to announce that Joyent is adding the scale we need:  Samsung is acquiring Joyent.  As a result of this acquisition, Samsung will become an anchor tenant for Joyent’s Triton and Manta solutions, and will help fuel the growth of our team and the expansion of our worldwide data center footprint and business.

This acquisition, though, is about more than just adding financial muscle and scale. Joyent and Samsung share a culture of innovation and technical excellence, and bring together a set of highly complementary cloud, big data, mobile and IoT technologies.  By bringing these two companies together we are creating the opportunity to develop and bring to market vertically integrated mobile and IoT services and solutions that deliver extraordinary simplicity and value to our customers.