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Container Application & Docker Container Research, Reports and Publications

Focus On Container analysts dig deep into the market to research and report on major developments in container security, deployment, strategies, networking and partnerships. Along with our own independent research, we also rely on content from industry leaders such as Databricks, The 2015 Spark User Survey, Ruxit, and many more. 

It is our hope that this research will provide you with sage advice, concrete data, and the necessary insights to help you make better informed decisions as you developed and deploy your own container products in this new and quickly changing market.

Here are a few samples of our Container & Docker Container Research, Reports and Publications:

Report Probes DevOps Market, 2015 – 2020

Focus On Containers analysis: Research aggregator Reportlinker is marketing a report on market opportunities and forecasts for the emerging DevOps market. The report, from Mind Commerce Publishing, describes the DevOps ecosystem, with 35-plus profiles including Docker, CoreOS, Chef and the majors: AWS, HP, IBM, Microsoft, RedHat and VMware. Pricing starts at $1,995 for a single user. Learn more

Docker Claims Swarm Exceeds Kubernetes Performance at Scale

Focus On Containers analysis: EVERYONE…PLAY NICE…DON’T FIGHT – Docker claimed its recently published study on performance comparisons was independent research.  They may wish it was “independent” but they seem to have spent the money for the comparison which doesn’t pass the “giggle test” as being independent. It would have been better if Docker developed a performance test that everyone can use. Read more

Docker Use is Booming in Cloud Survey

Surprise, surprise. Usage of Docker is surging. That highly expected finding emerged from the 2016 State of the Cloud Report from cloud management provider RightScale, which annually conducts an in-house survey that acts as a noteworthy yardstick for cloud computing.

Beyond Docker and perhaps more consequentially:  It’s no longer security that holds back cloud adoption. Instead the new issue is a lack of resources or expertise in cloud technologies.  “The lack of resources/expertise is now the #1 cloud challenge (cited by 32%), supplanting security (cited by 29%),” according to RightScale’s January 2016 survey of 1,060 technical professionals.  Read more