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Open source CloudRouter backs containers

SOURCE: The CloudRouter Project

The CloudRouter Project

Project Rallies Network and SDN Collaboration With 160% Increase in Contributions, New Packages, Carrier-Grade Stability and Security

SANTA CLARA, CA–(Marketwired – September 02, 2015) – The CloudRouter® Project, a leading Linux-based open source routing and software-defined networking (SDN) project, today announced the general availability of CloudRouter 2.0. This is the first ever release for production use and comes after a 160% increase in community contributions and rigorous testing in real-world production environments.

“The rapid success of the CloudRouter Project has been due to the collaboration among different development communities,” said Jay Turner, CloudRouter Project Lead and Senior Director of DevOps at IIX. “By helping software developers connect with network hardware manufacturers, we have accelerated adoption of new technologies by enabling bridges to legacy architectures or the testing of hundreds of virtual routers in minutes.”

Acting as a magnet for collaboration on open source network and SDN technologies, CloudRouter 2.0 added several new packages to broaden key functionality since launching. CloudRouter 2.0 also includes an edition based on CentOS, the open source platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The CloudRouter Project is supported by leaders in networking, cloud application management, and direct interconnection, including Australian National University, CloudBees, Cloudius Systems, IIX, NGINX, ONOS, and OpenDaylight.

CloudRouter 2.0 production features:

  • Network OS based on CentOS 7.1, enhanced with Java 1.8, or Fedora 22
  • SDN: ONOS 1.2 (Cardinal) and OpenDaylight Lithium
  • Security Monitoring: FastNetMon for DDos and DOS detection and analysis, BGPstream for analysis
  • Architecture Design: Mininet for SDN prototyping
  • Containers: Docker, CoreOS Rkt, OSv, KVM
  • Routing: ExaBGP, BIRD, Quagga
  • Base functionality: IPSec, VPN, SSL, L2TP, failover and synchronization

CloudRouter 2.0 Production is now available for download and use.

Supporting quotes

“It’s great to see a new Linux distribution focused on networking. CloudRouter with all its packages fills this gap with a rich set of packages ready to install and build a cloud network router,” said Martin Winter, Co-founder of Network Device Education Foundation (NetDEF). “From the Network Device Education Foundation, where we support Quagga under the OpenSourceRouting.org project, we wish the CloudRouter project a great future and are looking forward to push open source in the network world.”

“CloudRouter provides support for cutting-edge open source SDN controllers, including the innovative ONOS project. Given CloudRouter’s focus on supporting wide-area layer 3 networks, the ONOS SDN-IP component is particularly interesting,” said Jay Turner, CloudRouter Project Lead and Senior Director of DevOps at IIX.

“CloudRouter 2.0 comes with ONOS Cardinal pre-installed, making it easy to deploy and evaluate,” said Sheryl Zhang, Chief of Product and Partnership at ON.Lab. “By providing ONOS as an RPM package, CloudRouter also makes it easy to consume patches and updates.”

“We rely on the CloudRouter Project for secure, tested software for our network infrastructure,” said Rob Parker, VP of Network Infrastructure at IIX. “CloudRouter solves our problem of providing secure, software-defined interconnection for cloud infrastructure, both for enterprise users and cloud application providers.”

“Congratulations to the CloudRouter Project team on launching version 2.0,” said Neela Jacques, Executive Director, OpenDaylight. “As OpenDaylight and SDN expand into more production environments, it’s great to see community efforts by the CloudRouter Project to increase open source SDN network use in a wide range of deployment and test scenarios.”

About the CloudRouter Project
The CloudRouter Project is a collaborative open source project to develop a freely available software-based router designed to securely run on physical, virtual and cloud environments that support software-defined networking infrastructures. CloudRouter aims to facilitate migration to the cloud without giving up control over network routing and governance. It includes the features of traditional hardware routers, as well as support for emerging technologies such as containers and software-defined interconnection. To help bridge legacy infrastructure with the cloud, the project is focused on bringing simplicity to network interconnection, a traditionally complex process. The CloudRouter Project sponsors include Australian National University, CloudBees, Cloudius Systems, IIX, NGINX and OpenDaylight.

CloudRouter is a registered trademark of IIX Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.