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Disappearing act: Mesosphere vs. Kubernetes

Disappearing act: Mesosphere vs.  Kubernetes

By Tim Clark

July 9, 2015

There’s been confusion in the technical community about the differences between open source Mesos and Kubernetes, recently open-sourced by Google.  Both help in managing containers, Docker and otherwise, on clusters. You can read on GitHub, Stackoverflow and Kismatic how the techies have been sorting this out over the last 6-12 months. 

So it’s no surprise that the business community has been confused too, with some positing a budding conflict between Mesosphere’s Data Center Operating System and Google Kubernetes.  Turns out they do different (and complementary) things. Now there’s hard evidence that there’s no conflict. 

At the OSCON conference in Portland, Mesosphere and Google are collaborating July 20 on the first free Kubernetes Training Bootcamp.  Google and Mesosphere announced it simultaneously on July 8. 

Conflict?  Or co-opetition?  Mesosphere insists they don’t conflict or even compare and that Google’s Kupernetes is just another technology that runs inside of Mesosphere DCOS. 

The issue is confused, of course, by the subtleties of for-profit companies (Google, Mesosphere) promoting their open source (Kubernetes, Mesos) agendas. As we sort it out, there’s no conflict—if you dive deep enough into the technology.