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Container Technology and Docker Container News & Analysis

The container application and Docker container standards are being developed, deployed and adopted at an ever increasingly fast pace. To help you keep up with major developments in the container technology industry, our analysts research, summarize and report on changes in the industry including container security, deployment, strategies, and networking.

Focus On Containers' Container and Docker Container News & Analysis will become an invaluable resource for you as you carve out your niche in the marketplace.

Here are a few samples of what you will find in our Container News & Analysis:

Docker CEO’s Message to CIOs Falls Short – Feb. 2, 2016

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. – Pitching the benefits of Docker containers to chief information officers, Docker CEO Ben Golub wowed a somewhat skeptical audience of CIOs at a Wall Street Journal conference with Docker’s audacious ambition. Read more

Why Broad Container and Docker Container Deployment Has Not Yet Begun – Aug. 19, 2015

Simon Hørup Eskildsen’s recent blog titled “Why Docker is Not Succeeding Widely in Production” gives a good overview of the state of Docker adoption. With his experience with production Docker implementations at Spotify, he uses this blog to explain the challenges Docker needs to overcome before it becomes widely adopted. Read more

Focus Docker Security Strategy on Near-Term – December 4, 2015

At the recent DockerCon Europe conference, Docker Inc. announced a “comprehensive security offering that includes … hardware signing of container images, content auditing through image scanning, and vulnerability detection and granular access control policies with user namespaces.”

Certainly in the long run this will be an important feature set for enterprises; what’s not clear is the timing. Read more

Weaveworks Eases Docker Networking – December 17, 2015

In a boost to Docker networking, ecosystem partner Weaveworks  has released the first plug-in that allows IT personnel to launch containerized applications without installing a database to track individual containers and give them IP addresses. Read more

Docker is no longer just a container operation – January 21, 2016

Docker is no longer a container company. Today’s acquisition of Unikernel Systems, toolmaker for “unikernels,” signaled again that Docker isn’t just container technology (the free, open source part) but aspires to become a platform (mostly proprietary and for-pay) for building hybrid distributed applications. Read more

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