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DockerCon Europe agenda highlighted

SAN FRANCISCO–( )–Docker, the organization behind the open platform for distributed applications, has announced the agenda for the second DockerCon Europe, scheduled for November 16 and 17, 2015 at CCIB in Barcelona. DockerCon is expected to draw more than 1,500 contributors, developers, DevOps, sysadmins, hackers and partners from all over the world and will feature more than 50 unique breakout sessions from Docker, its partners, users and customers. Attendees will have the option to attend sessions tailored to their level of knowledge and interest ranging from an introductory tutorial on Docker to Black Belt sessions for advanced Docker users.

Who:    Docker, Inc., users, customers and ecosystem partners

What:    DockerCon Europe 2015

When:   November 16 and 17, 2015

Where: Register and view the full agenda here: http://europe-2015.dockercon.com/agenda


The conference will feature discussions on a wide range of topics led by experts from Docker and the Docker community across all industries. The sessions will be divided into five different tracks:

  • Docker Docker Docker: FromDocker Networking” to “Docker Orchestration at Production Scale,” this track will take attendees inside Docker to learn how to use Docker works across the entire application lifecycle.
  • Black Belt: Take your Docker knowledge to the next level with a newly-added track designed to challenge all Docker experts. Learn the key to Docker security with Diogo Monica and Nathan McAuley in the “Green Font, Black Background – Docker Security by Example” session. Hear from Docker’s Jessie Frazelle about what happens to when you combine Tor + Docker. Or, learn the pros and cons of live migration using Docker.
  • Use Cases: This year’s DockerCon will feature more use cases than ever across a range of industries and markets. Learn how users, organizations and telecoms alike are using Docker in production, whether it is EA tapping into Docker to package game services or the SBX leveraging Docker to trade bitcoins.
  • Wild Card: Led by users, partners and customers, this track covers the topics and technology essential for any Docker user. This session will have something for everyone, whether it is learning a few “Tricks with Namespaces” or how to “Containerize IoT Sensor Telemetry.”
  • Ecosystem: Docker’s partners take the helm to discuss how partners help strengthen and expand the Docker ecosystem. Attendees will learn what is required to manage, monitor and secure Docker containers in production and have an opportunity to check out some of the winning hacks from Docker’s Annual Hack Day.

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About Docker

Docker, Inc. is the company behind the Docker open source platform, and is the chief sponsor of the Docker ecosystem. Docker is an open platform for developers and system administrators to build, ship and run distributed applications. With Docker, IT organizations shrink application delivery from months to minutes, frictionlessly move workloads between data centers and the cloud and can achieve up to 20X greater efficiency in their use of computing resources. Inspired by an active community and by transparent, open source innovation, Docker containers have been downloaded 300 million times and Docker is used by millions of developers across thousands of the world’s most innovative organizations, including eBay, Baidu, the BBC, Groupon, ING, Yelp, Spotify, Yandex and Cambridge HealthCare. Docker’s rapid adoption has catalyzed an active ecosystem, resulting in more than 100,000 “Dockerized” applications, over 40 Docker-related startups and integration partnerships with AWS, Cloud Foundry, Google, IBM, Microsoft, OpenStack, Rackspace, Red Hat and VMware.





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