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Datawise Previews Network, Storage for Containers

San Francisco, California – June 22, 2015 – Datawise.io, the company delivering network and storage solutions for Linux containers, is previewing its Project 6 software this week at DockerCon 2015.   

Project 6 is software for deploying and managing Docker containers across a cluster of hosts, with a focus on simplifying on-premises environments. Datawise.io is making it easy to pack stateless and stateful applications onto the same environment by integrating Docker and Google’s Kubernetes with additional capabilities that provide:  

  • Highly-available cluster management, to aggregate resources and coordinate operations across multiple hosts 
  • Simplified networking, so that containers maintain distinct IP network identities independently from hosts, and can easily locate each other  
  • Persistent and temporary storage volumes, to make efficient use of local disks and minimize the need for external storage 
  • Dynamic scheduling augmented with network and storage, so that resources available are efficiently utilized with minimal administration  

“At Datawise.io, we believe containers will revolutionize application development and datacenter operations,” said Jeff Chou, Datawise.io Co-Founder and CEO. “We are providing a preview of Project 6 now to get early community feedback which will be incorporated into other projects our team is working on.” 

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, the Datawise.io team comes from successful start-ups and enterprise companies such as Cisco, Veritas, and VMware. 

About Datawise.io 

Datawise.io is developing network and storage solutions for Linux containers. The company was founded by a team from successful start-ups and enterprise companies like Cisco, Veritas, and VMware. Project 6, available for early community feedback, is one of the projects under development to help Linux containers revolutionize app development and datacenter ops. The company is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, go to: www.datawise.io.