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IBM Sees Hybrid View in Docker

By Tim Clark

SAN FRANCISCO – IBM is banking on a multi-colored cloud, one that global enterprises will access through a combination of public and private clouds and the ability to move workloads between public cloudS and on-premises infrastructures or between different public clouds. Big Blue sees Docker containers as a critical building block for hybrid clouds.

Today at DockerCon 2015, IBM unveiled four different news announcements designed to advance both its interests and the broader of the container ecosystem. IBM will:

  • Leverage Docker containers as the foundation of portable, hybrid cloud workloads, including helping organize the Open Container Project. (See related story here.)
  • Provide enterprise-class IBM Containers on Bluemix, IBM’s hosted cloud platform as a service (PaaS) to help improve developer productivity and bring visibility, control and security capabilities to Docker.
  • Deliver a container environment for running Enterprise Java workloads to expand the sphere of container-capable applications.
  • Sign on as the first reseller of Docker Trusted Registry, which brings a supported, on-premises container runtime and registry behind the corporate firewall. IBM also is delivering out of the box, tight integration with its Urbancode Deploy and PureApplication System solutions.

As part of Bluemix, IBM is offering a “vulnerability advisor” built into IBM Containers to identify potential security issues before they are deployed. This feature is based on IBM Research capabilities and includes expert advice on how to resolve vulnerability issues.

Focus on Docker Take:  

“IBM’s Docker announcements target hybrid clouds, consistent with its broader strategy. It will remind customers that IBM is the safe place for enterprise customers to move into the cloud and then smoothly and securely shift between public and private clouds as needed. This portability will be key for enterprise customers.”—John Katsaros