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Docker + Canonical = Enterprise ?

Docker + Canonical = Enterprise Adoption?

John Katsaros
December 2nd, 2016

Docker and Canonical recently announced a partnership to drive enterprise adoption. While the partnership announcement was as much about political alignment in the devops world as it was about the actual agreement to jointly chase after the enterprise market is the untold story.  Canonical’s got a great history – one of the first groups to successfully commercialize virtualization –  but its primary offering more recently, Ubuntu, has been  more of a critical success in the Linux world than a commercial success in the enterprise world. When you drill down on Ubuntu you end up seeing many of the same features that containers deliver – most important being – run anywhere.  However what’s important here that for existing Canonical users the alignment with Docker can be helpful by having access to Docker and Docker support. While it is good for existing Linux users, it is hard to see how new enterprise adoption will accelerate as a result of this partnership.