(PRWEB) DCHQ Inc., a startup building software for Docker in application modeling, deployment and lifecycle management, has announced integration of its DCHQ On-Premise software with Red Hat Container Registry. This advancement means enterprises can leverage the power of Docker containers for their DevOps teams while continuing to standardize on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for running applications.


DCHQ On-Premise is a governance, deployment automation and lifecycle management platform for Docker-based applications. Red Hat Container Registry hosts certified images of common application components like MariaDB and Nginx. The integration of DCHQ with the Red Hat Container Registry allows developers to model, deploy, back up, update and monitor Docker-based applications with images pulled from the Registry. Specifically, with DCHQ, DevOps teams can…
…define granular access controls for Red Hat Container Registry and other Docker repositories, allowing development teams to restrict the ability to pull images to specific users or groups,
…model multi-tier applications that leverage Red Hat Container Registry images using an intuitive interface with support for Docker Compose, cross-image environment variable bindings, plug-in execution, application clustering and scale out, and
…mix and match images from different repositories within the same application template.

Demos Available

  • This blog demonstrates how an application can be modeled leveraging a MySQL database image pulled from the Red Hat Container Registry.
  • A video recording of the demo is available on YouTube.


“Integrating with the Red Hat Container Registry gives our customers ready access to an impressive and rapidly growing library of images that can accelerate application development and deployment to production,” said Amjad Afanah, founder and CEO of DCHQ. “It’s an important milestone for our product, and we will continue to expand the number of ecosystems we participate in, making DCHQ On-Premise the most enterprise-friendly application management platform for Docker.”

“In March, Red Hat brought to market the first end-to-end certified and supported Linux container ecosystem, making many of the latest advances in open innovation accessible and consumable for the enterprise world. A critical piece of this ecosystem is providing our partners with the tools and technologies needed to deliver safe, secure and reliable containerized applications to end users, a component that DCHQ has embraced with the Red Hat Container Registry,” said Mike Werner, senior director, Global Technology Partner Programs, Red Hat. “We’re pleased to welcome DCHQ to this ecosystem, as both part of the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners program and one of the latest partners to integrate with the Red Hat Container Registry.”

About DCHQ On-Premise
DCHQ On-Premise is a deployment automation solution that combines Docker agility with app lifecycle management, policy and governance controls. It gives infrastructure operators the controls they need while still giving app developers the agility they want when moving from dev/test to production model. DCHQ On-Premise manages backups, auto scaling and monitoring. A commercially licensed solution with enterprise grade support, DCHQ On-Premise may be installed on-premise on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu or CentOS via shell script or automated deployment from the DCHQ.io SaaS Platform. DCHQ registers a variety of Docker repositories, including Red Hat Container Registry, Docker Hub and Quay. DCHQ On-Premise v1.0 is available for download.

About DCHQ, Inc
DCHQ, Inc. is a startup building software for enterprises using Docker for application deployment and lifecycle management. The company was founded by MIT graduate Amjad Afanah, who formerly managed application automation offerings for VMware and cloud management solutions for Oracle. The company was launched in 2015 as a part of the 500 Startups accelerator program in San Francisco. More at http://www.DCHQ.co and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/dchqinc.