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Community Rallies Behind Renamed OCI

SOURCE: Open Container Initiative

AT&T, ClusterHQ, Datera, Kismatic, Kyup, Midokura, Nutanix, Oracle, Polyverse, Resin.io, SUSE, Sysdig, Twitter and Verizon Back Effort; Draft Charter and Specification Open for Comments

PORTLAND, OR–(Marketwired – Jul 22, 2015) – O'Reilly's Open Source Conference (OSCON) – The Open Container Initiative (OCI), represented by a broad coalition of industry leaders focused on common standards for software containers, today announced during a keynote at OSCON that the draft charter and specification are available for comments and that 14 new companies are backing this industry-wide initiative.

The OCI, referred to previously as the Open Container Project, was announced just last month at DockerCon and is being hosted at The Linux Foundation as a Collaborative Project.

Companies signaling their formal commitment to this effort include AT&T, ClusterHQ, Datera, Kismatic, Kyup, Midokura, Nutanix, Oracle, Polyverse, Resin.io, Sysdig, SUSE, Twitter and Verizon. Amazon Web Services, Apcera, Cisco, CoreOS, Docker, EMC, Fujitsu Limited, Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Mesosphere, Microsoft, Pivotal, Rancher Labs, Red Hat and VMware are also committed to the Open Container Initiative. As part of the formation, Docker Inc. donated its base container format at runtime to serve as cornerstone technologies under the governance of the OCI, while leadership from Application Container spec ("appc") is also represented.

A draft charter for OCI is available now and the maintainers are sharing the project's day-to-day technical governance in a Maintainer's Guide. Maintainers have refined the specification, which is available on GitHub, and contributors can comment on specific pull requests today. A formal draft will be published for comments within the month.

"The overwhelming interest in the Open Container Initiative is representative of both the opportunity containers offer for application development and the challenges we face with fragmentation," said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. "With such strong community support and collaboration, we're confident this effort will rise to the opportunity."

The container movement has gained immense popularity among users because of the promise of portability, agility and interoperability across a broad set of infrastructures and tools. The rapid proliferation of container-based solutions — supported and leveraged by an ecosystem of millions of developers, tens of thousands of enterprises, thousands of contributors and hundreds of technology companies — has inspired industry leaders to collaborate on an open, standard container format and runtime in order to preserve that portability and interoperability for users.

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Further detail on the effort and a copy of the OCI's charter can be found at www.opencontainers.org.

About the Open Container Initiative (OCI)

The Open Container Project is an open governance structure for the express purpose of creating open industry standards around container formats and runtime. Projects associated to the Open Container Initiative can be found at https://github.com/opencontainers. Contact the project maintainers on IRC at #opencontainers. Contact the Linux Foundation about the OCI at info@opencontainers.org.

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