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Black Lab Enterprise Linux supports Docker

SOURCE: Black Lab Software

(August 6) Press release

Today we have released Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6.6. Black Lab enterprise Linux 6.6 is a bug fix and application update for the Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6.x line. With this release we added full Docker integration and it also includes the Black Lab SDK 2.0. Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6.6 being based on LTS Technologies will continue to get security updates until 2021. All current licensees will be able to update through the updater or you can request the ISO file.

With this release the following packages have been updated: XFCE 4.12 GNOME 3.10 VirtualBox 5.0 Webmin 1.760 Firefox 39 Thunderbird Groupware Suite 31.8 LibreOffice 4.4 GLOM GCC 4.9 Kernel 3.16.0-43 kernel 4.1.4 Installable Docker 1.7

All security updates until August 1, 2015.

You can purchase Black Lab Enterprise Desktop through resellers or you can purchase directly from us.