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Welcome to Focus On Docker

We are launching Focus on Docker in conjunction with DockerCon 2015, the user community and ecosystem conference for Docker Inc., the current darling of the container crowd. We are focused on enterprise adoption of Docker and other container technologies, including the supporting ecosystems that are forming around these technologies. We’ll report on and analyze all things Docker in the enterprise. 

Developer enthusiasm for Docker and other software containers is both well-covered and well -understood, but developer enthusiasm alone is not enough for enterprise adoption in production environments.  Focus on Docker covers the evolution of the Docker ecosystem and tools that will make Dockerized software applications ready for enterprise use in everyday, mission-critical environments.  

Follow the DockerCon 2015 keynotes here and monitor news announcements from the conference here. Return to this site after DockerCon for our own analyses, links to coverage in other media and ongoing coverage of the containerization phenomenon. 

Focus on Docker is a joint venture of the FactPoint Group and Internet Research Group, two Silicon Valley-based research, consulting and content firms serving the high-tech community since 1993. 

John Katsaros, Internet Research Group (IRG)
Tim Clark and Larry Gordon, FactPoint Group