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Feb.  9,   2017   Docker Advances App Security more   

Feb.  7,   2017   Mesosphere’s new OEM deal with HPE more 

Jan. 24,  2017    Cisco Acquires AppDynamics for $3.7B more 

Dec.  23, 2016    Analyst Interview with Robin Systems more


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The ultimate guide to container security

Securing any type of software environment is a big task but constructing and enforcing a solid security program for containers can be especially difficult.That’s because a containerized environment involves so many different layers as compared to other types of infrastructure. more

Kubernetes muscles up for the enterprise

Tired of hearing Kubernetes lacks enterprise, the version 1.7 of the open source orchestrator hardens security, addresses stateful applications, and pursues extensibility—all aimed tightly at the most demanding enterprise environments. more

Docker + Canonical = Enterprise Adoption?

Docker and Canonical recently announced a partnership to drive enterprise adoption. While the partnership announcement was as much about political alignment in the devops world as it was about the actual agreement to jointly chase after the enterprise market is the untold story.  more 

Heptio Gets Initial Funding

With an $8.5M investment from Accel and Madrona Venture Group Heptio begins its Mission – Bring Kubernetes to the enterprise. In other words, another startup reaching for the title of becoming the data center operating system. As we’ve mentioned before there there are lots (at least 20?) that are in one way or another are out for the same piece of enterprise real estate. For awhile it wasn’t clear what exactly was the status of Kubernetes since there wasn’t a Docker like relationship between the the open source world to Kubernetes. That changed with this funding announcement. Now that Kubernetes has a “step father” relationship in the commercial software world we can expect a barrier for adoption might have been removed.

Heptio founders Joe Beda and Craig McLuckie previously worked for Google building and managing systems. Their plan is to provide enterprises access to this same type of systems management that Google uses. Who wouldn’t want that? Actually when you think about it, Google has done more to disrupt the status quo of enterprise systems than any if the incumbents – but that’a topic for another day…

Apcera grabs container platform positioning

Apcera has announced its new container management platform with a goal of repositioning itself as a container management platform. One might ask why, given the competitive dynamics of a market already brimming with names like Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, Cloud Foundry, CoreOS, Rancher and more. Apcera positions its offering as “the first enterprise-grade” container platform that covers both cloud-native and legacy (Linux) applications. MORE

Focus On Containers Analysis


Docker targets:  Docker is methodically evolving its messaging to new audiences, from developers (where Docker has won the container war) to IT (the target of its DockerCon EU announcements). But if Docker stops evangelizing at the largest enterprises, it will sell itself short. MORE

Security: Docker’s recent security announcements in the long offer important features for enterprises. But why now? The functionality announced is interesting and important but unlikely to impact average Docker enterprise users for many years.  Meanwhile, other security features for enterprise users could prove useful in the next few years. MORE

Killer app: Traditional enterprise applications won’t move to container-based technologies anytime soon. Instead, as enterprises boost their digital relationships with customers, containers will enable a new class of agile, modern applications. Once a company is on container platforms, building new business models will be enabled much more rapidly.  MORE

Tutum acquired: Docker Inc. in October beefed up its ability to deploy, manage and migrate Docker containers with its purchase of Tutum, an 11-person start-up in New York. Docker said Tutum’s “tooling” can reduce time to deploy Docker applications from days or weeks to minutes.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed. MORE

VMWare’s future: The Dell-EMC doubtless will affect VMware, owned 83% by EMC and the biggest alternative to Docker containers. In the Dell-EMC deal VMware will be recapitalized, adding many more shareholders. Second, it must keep VMware customers loyal by providing high-performance VMs and improved management systems. Here’s what VMware can do. MORE